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Two Piece or Not Two Piece that is the Summer Question!

About January 5th I gave up on my New Year’s resolution to take off the latest 10 pounds I put on (which I really have no idea how they got there…as I’m eating a bowl of ice cream) and now swimsuit season is just weeks away. I don’t want to go into diet panic mode (never works) but I’ll be by the pool with my family in 37 days (but who’s counting).

I’ve promised myself that I’m going  to eat better and keep a daily exercise routine on my schedule (I’ll start by NOT finishing my bowl of ice cream), but the simple truth is I just want to look better in my swimsuit now.

Here are some tips I found helpful to look good in your swimsuit without having to lose weight (love that).

  1. Find the right suit: Go to your favorite retail shop that sales suits (Outlets at Castle Rock, Loveland, and Silverthorne have many) and ask them to help you find the right suit. I have found that the right swimsuit will make you look better.
  2. Underwire tops and halter-neck suits with thicker straps are good for my female friends who have a busty figure. Don’t do spaghetti strap tops (they’re not flattering to your figure).
  3. Long torso? You need a suit which is lengthened enough in the body not to appear too tight and short (this will have a widening effect – not good).
  4.  Small-busted women should look for a swimsuit style with detailing in the top. It’s called embellishments and there is nothing wrong with ruffles!
  5. Big stomach, go with draping fabrics across the torso – I kid you not. This will minimize (not maximize) your look.
  6. Dark color suits will flatter (slim) your frame. A little black suit has amazing slimming effects. Another “trick” I like is to mismatch your bikinis. This has a camouflaging effect. Wear a single color on the half you want to disguise and print or pattern on the other.
  7. Don’t wear busy patterns if you want to look thinner. Go with medium sized prints or large floral patterns. While vertical strips and diagonal suits create a slimming look, avoid horizontal stripes at all cost.
  8. Not comfortable with a two-piece suit, then go with a Tankini. My favorite because it is a two-piece suit with a one-piece look.
  9.  Have confidence in yourself. Where you decide to go with a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit this summer, who cares just think positive about yourself and enjoy the beautiful months ahead.

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How to Wear Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are in for Spring. They are a great addition to your wardrobe to add a bit of texture to an outfit. I’ve got people asking me all the time how they can add a patterned tight to their outfits without looking ridiculous. Here’s what I say.

1. I love to add texture to my basic black dress (but they go with almost everything).
2. I love the openwork patterns that let your skin peek through.
3. I tend to go for patterns with a smaller repeating pattern because it’s subtle.
4. I like the vertical openwork stripe.
5. I tend to pair patterned tights with simple dresses (more solids than patterned dresses).
6. I also tend to wear tone-on-tone patterned tights. What I mean, I wear black tights with a black dress).
7. I wear them with almost every shoe I have in my closet. Including open-toed shoes.

I hope this helps. I’ve seen great deals on patterned tights at Dress Barn, Banana Republic, Jockey, and Bass and other store at Outlets at Castle Rock, Outlets at Loveland, and Outlets at Silverthorne.

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Born in the Flood, Where are You?

Denver has amazing bands. One of my favorites, Born in the Flood. Great sound, amazing lyrics. One of my favorite songs is “Low Flying Clouds”. Here’s a link for listening pleasure.

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Strike a Pose Model Search

Outlets at Castle Rock, Loveland and Silverthorne are looking for models of all ages to help them with fashion shows, TV segments, and other promotional opportunities throughout the year.

Each location will be hosting a one-day Strike a Pose Model Search.Outlets at Silverthorne will be first. They host their event on Saturday, April 24th. Registration starts at 9am and the model search begins at 11am.

Outlets at Loveland and Castle Rock will host their model search event on Saturday, May 15th. Registrations open at 9am and the search starts at 10 am at both locations.

For more details on the events, what you will need to bring with you and other pertinent information please visit

Good Luck.

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Happy Easter

Enjoy the day and thank you for reading our blog. We’ll be talking more Spring fashion this week, but for now just enjoy your time with friends and family.

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