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Fashion Travel Tips!

We’re just weeks away from Spring Break and then comes the summer vacation travel season. Vacation travel can get a bit overwhelming, so we’re here to help you make the most of your upcoming trips and how to make the most of what you pack. Outlets of Colorado, and its partners Fox 21 and the Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau, have put together some great fashion travel tips you’ll want to use as you get ready to get out-of-town:

Think Comfort: When traveling, look for fabrics that stretch like cotton knits or blends. Some of our favorites are nylon, Lycra, and spandex. These items pack better and come out wrinkle-free.

Keep Colors Basic: Colors should be basic and your separates should mix and match. Black, white, khaki and denim are ideal, but don’t be afraid of punchy colors like red or orange for summer.

Shoes: You don’t have to bring a pair of shoes for every outfit. We recommend a casual sandal and a dressy sandal (if you’re heading somewhere tropic). Bring a pair of flip-flops for the pool/beach and athletic shoes for workout or long sights-seeing trips.

Shorts, Skirts, and Tops: Great looks for the day are shorts, skirts, and tops. Take a few extra tank tops to layer or to wear on their own. One great hint I heard from a friend who is a worldwide traveler, avoid logo T-shirts or flashy designer goods, they’ll both you make stand out as a tourist.

Night on the Town: Whether you pack a short dress or long, a great dress will make any night special. We recommend a great black dress will take you anywhere.

Cardigan: In and out of air-conditioned buildings can give you the chills. A lightweight knit cardigan in basic black or white can be tossed around the shoulders. You can also create many looks with a cardigan – layer over a T-Shirt or tank dress or worn alone with dressy pants for dinner.

Accessories: A friend told me that she buys accessories while on vacation. She doesn’t bring her expensive jewelry but instead she loves to buy local treasures. She considers it her souvenir from the trip (really, do you need another magnet?).

On behalf of Outlets at Castle Rock, Outlets at Loveland, and Outlets at Silverthorne, along with Fox 21 and the Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau we wish safe and fun travels!


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Our Favorite Toys for Gift Giving!

Happy holidays! I can’t believe we’re in the middle of Hanukkah and Christmas is just weeks away. The pressure is on to get everything done in just a short amount of time and since we’re walking the centers every day, the Outlets of Colorado are here to help. We have found some great toy/games that we can recommend (because we played with them) for this holiday season. Here are a few we tested and loved:

Twilight Scene It? DVD game: Completely fun especially since all of our testers have seen the movies, read the books and had determined whether they were on team Jacob or team Edward (it was an even draw between Jacob and Edwards….so it became a fairly competitive afternoon). The Scene it?Twilight Deluxe Edition features hundreds of heart-stopping clips, trivia questions, and on-screen puzzles from the Twilight movie phenomenon! The game will challenge your observation, memory, and puzzle-solving skills while reliving your favorite Twilight movie moments. We loved playing this game!

Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 Talking 13″ U-Command Buzz Lightyear by Thinkway Toys. What we liked with this toy is that Buzz talks in his original character voice. He has over 70 phrases and he shows off with music and dance steps from the movie. You can move Buzz with his wireless, infra-red controller and use the dual joysticks to send Buzz forward, backward or into a 360-degree spin. There are over 1,000 possible action combinations you can do so it’s super fun and always new.

If you have a Wii console we had a ton of fun playing Sean White’s Snowboard and Deal or No Deal. Sean’s White’s Snowboard was fun, totally cool graphics, and a tough game especially if was determined by other testers that you have no sense of balance (oh, and I’m not bitter). We thought the Deal or No Deal Wii was just plain fun.  All the testers joined in the strategy to outsmart the banker and find the briefcase with the million dollars. And if you didn’t win the big bucks (one game I ended up with $10) it was okay….hello, it’s just a game!

We’ve got plenty more ideas on toys and games to give for kids of all ages. If you need other ideas about what to get this Christmas, post who you’re shopping for with some info on the Facebook pages of Outlets at Castle Rock, Outlets at Loveland, or Outlets at Silverthorne and we’ll help you find the right gift at a great price!

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The Power of being Liked!

It’s funny how a simple thing like someone clicking on your Facebook page letting you know they “like” you can make you happy.

It happened to me today. I’m going through our Facebook “like” (formerly fan) pages for the Outlets of Colorado….Outlets at Castle Rock, Loveland, and Silverthorne, and I love to see that people “like” us! It made me feel good.

I know that the centers (me too) love this outlet for sharing sales, deals, cool things we see while walking the centers, and just posting things about fashion. We’re glad our friends on Facebook like it too.  We want to take the outlet world by storm and we want to build our following to help more people look great and not pay retail (or should I say practically free)! If you “like” us already on Facebook, than thank you. We couldn’t do it without you. If you haven’t “liked” us….yet…then please join one or all of our locations online.

The more people we welcome onto our Facebook page (Outlets of Colorado, Outlets at Castle Rock, Outlets at Loveland, Outlets at Silverthorne) the more stuff we can give away!


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Showing Off the Hottest Looks for Campus

On Monday the Outlets of Colorado Outlets at Castle Rock, Loveland, and Silverthorne stopped by to showcase some of the hottest looks for campus. We spent most of the day with Erica Boniface (who we just love). Check out the photo gallery from our time with them.

August 25, 2010 at 7:28 pm 1 comment

Fall Must. Go Nude.

Nude Hues from Nine West Outlet

Not literally people, I’m just saying,

one of the hot colors for shoes this fall is nude hues. The nude shades complement any skin tone and they go with anything. Right now I’ve seen some amazing shoes arrive daily for our retailers and I have found great nude shoes in patent later T-straps, wedges, embossed leather, platforms, and flats.  

Nude hues can help create a gorgeous lean line that will make you appear slimmer and longer (I’m not kidding, try it).

But to make the most out of the days your feet go nude, I highly recommend that the color of nude be within a few shades of your own skin town.

What you want to achieve is a continuous line look and not a break in tone because your nude is to severe. How I’ve selected the right nude shoes for me (and I recommend you do the same) is select a nude shade that is two to three shades darker than your own skin tone. If you are like my friend Colette, she has more medium to dark skin. She can wear almost any nude color, minus those shoes with the orange undertone) most retails shops offer.

Check out all the latest colors and styles in shoes for fall at

follow us.

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The Wedge

I was out about this weekend. Saw some cute shoes. Of course I had to ask . Red pair from the Nine West Outlet at the Outlets at Castle Rock and the black pair from the Nine West Outlet at the  Outlet at Silverthorne. I’m driving down this morning to get a few pairs. Love them.

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Find the Right Pair of Sunglasses to Fit Your Face!

Are you looking for a great pair of sunglasses? Watch this video from InStyle Magazine (one of my must read monthly magazines) on how to pick the right pair of sunglasses to fit your face. Watch this before heading out to Outlets at Castle Rock, Outlets at Loveland, or Outlets at Silverthorne. You’ll find the right pair at the right price (remember people, never pay retail).

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